Environmentally Friendly Approach

As the European Union requirements for environmental protection keep increasing, Plasteda contributes to the preservation of nature by manufacturing packing products from recycled secondary polyethylene materials. Our company encourages others to sort and recycle plastic instead of throwing it away with general household waste.

Plastic is one of the most important types of waste for sorting and recycling. Waste sorting allows us to preserve natural resources and gives access to secondary raw materials which is a cheaper resource for manufacturing of new products. Recycling also promotes health care as it reduces environmental pollution. Packing waste is an alternative source of raw materials. Sorting and recycling of packing materials is beneficial to the industry and helps to preserve natural resources.

Waste sorting and recycling is important because:

  • It helps to collect raw materials that can be used for new product manufacturing
  • It preserves natural resources and energy
  • It reduces the amounts of waste at landfill sites and promotes healthy environment