Plastic sheeting

The polyethylene sheet may have varied measurements, widths and colors. Other available options: heat-shrinkable, UV-filter, perforated and patterned sheets.

Our plastic sheets may be categorized according to the material:LDPE – soft, clear and glossy polyethylene

  • HDPE – firm, rasping and matte polyethylene
  • MDPE – polyethylene combining the qualities of LDPE and HDPE
  • CPP – extra clear and glossy polypropylene
  • Recycled sheet – recycled used sheets


Plastic sheeting may also be categorized according to the type of rolls:

  • Layflat tubing (bothsides of the sheet are sealed)
  • C-fold sheeting (one side of the sheet is not sealed)
  • Film


The variety of sheets is high and their application possibilities are nearly endless. However, only high quality sheeting conforming to the established standards will serve its purpose as expected.